Somcrete Paving Contractors.

Estimates are based on Pound Per Square Metre for the area required for Pattern Imprinted Concrete. Each home is different and the cost can change greatly depending on several key factors:

  1. The total area size to be resurfaced.
  2. Existing ground conditions and required treatment of present surface.
  3. Location and access.
  4. Stepped and split levels.
  5. Ground previously prepared or part prepared, shuttering set up, drainage already & manholes in place, dug-out and stoned up etc…
  6. If new drainage and new recessed manhole covers are required then these will be added to the cost.
  7. Decorative Brick/Stone/Cobbled Borders and Features such as Cobbled Circles etc are added to the cost..

On average, based on customer choices to date in Leicestershire, we are seeing prices at around £75-£100 per square metre.