SOMCRETE Golden Trowel Winners 2nd Place 2018


WEED FREE ! Paving Contractors that Specialists in ‘PATTERN IMPRINTED CONCRETE’ for Driveways, Patios & Pathways, that cover all of Leicestershire. We don’t install Tarmac or block paving.

We are Fully Insured with AXA Public Liability Insurance for up to £5 Million protection.

Your high class choice of ‘Pattern Imprinted Concrete’ will be created by highly professional qualified tradesmen that have worked on hundreds of house’s with over thirty years of experience and awards to match that quality as awarded by the Lord Mayor of Leicester and featured in the Leicester Mercury.

We only use the highest quality imprinted mats that we have imported from California, USA, these are moulded from ‘Genuine Real Natural Stone Materials’ not ‘Fake Look-A-Like’. This is VERY important and makes a massive difference in the appearance and the quality of the print finish.

You will have 1000′s of combinations to choose from; Stone, Slate, Cobbles, Brick, Wood Plank Decking, Different Patterns, Different Colours & Textures, and all made from LaFarge Fibre Reinforced Concrete that is Frost Free, adding these together with your own chosen Colour Surface Hardener (CSH) for added Strength & Durability making this System of Paving the Toughest available on the current Market to date.

Free advice from SOMCRETE to help improve your idea’s and option’s that would suit your home and understands that each house is different.

SOMCRETE offer a bespoke FREE DESIGN no obligation written quotation with no pushy salesmen, our company surveyor will check and measure the area required, and take some notes from your idea’s, this would take only around 15 minutes.

We provide an email for you with a full coloured image (or print off and send) illustrating a full coloured image of how the potential driveway / patio etc would look.

We will be flexible to your needs and will change the design until you find the perfect design that you are looking for, and are completely happy with it.

There are so many reasons and advantages of “Pattern Imprinted Concrete” being the Rolls Royce choice that it puts other methods of Driveways and Patios in the dark. Fully proven long lasting and hard wearing with anti-fade UV Protected Colour Surface Hardener plus Anti-Slip Surface Sealer. Using designs which give the look and feel of traditional natural materials such as cobbles, tile, stone or slate but at a realistic and affordable price with an authentic appearance that looks good all year round. The other added advantages are as follows;


  • No sinking or spreading block paver’s.
  • No cracked or broken loose slabs & paver’s.
  • No dust or loose stones and sand carried into your home.
  • No weeds or moss continuously growing through the joints and gaps year in year out.
  • No insects or ants nesting.
  • Oil and Stain resistant.
  • Anti slip sealant.
  • 75-150 m.m (3-6 inch’s) thick of reinforced fibre mesh high strength concrete laid over a 100-150 m.m (4-6 inch’s) of highly compact hardcore MOT Type 1 stone that will NOT sink or spread.
  • Very low maintenance, reseal every 3-6 years, depending on the amount of traffic past over the surface, this could last for more years, and an average reseal cost is around £250-£350 depending on the size. The purpose is mainly to keep the surface Oil & Stain FREE & brings the colour back to life.
  • Fast turn around from start to finish 4-10 days on average, that only we at SOMCRETE install, not sub-contracted out to other tradesmen.
  • Fully Proven Durable System.
  • Kerb Appeal with a beautiful look of natural stone/slate that will enhance your home for many years to come and increase value to your home.
  • Fully guaranteed for 5 years. Our FREE COVER, that SOMCRETE give on all our installations, providing total peace of mind for our customers.
  • Your own unique Custom Driveway or Patio that stands proud for many, many years to come without the High Maintenance of block paving, loose stones, slabs, tarmac, etc.